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Electrode Assembly.

Mc2's electrodes are custom made in diameters of up to twelve inches and are typically ten feet long. They are rated to withstand temperatures up to 200oC (392oF) at more than 50kW.

Electrodes are fabricated from high temperature resistant materials and connected to the PDS. The use of three-phase power synchronization means the ET-DSP™ pattern is not geometrically limited allowing the system to target contaminated plumes of any dimension.

The electrode assembly conducts current to a targeted volume of soil. To maintain adequate electrical contact with the surrounding soil, each electrode is installed in a borehole packed with granular graphite, compressed to the electrodes surface. Conductors are then run from each electrode back to the PDS and are suitable for above or below grade installation.

Top shelf technology. Industry-leading process. Flawless track record. Leverage the McMillan-McGee advantage on your next remediation project.