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Adaptive Power Where it's Needed Most.

The Power Delivery System (PDS) is a computer controlled three-phase current transformer. These systems come in a range of kVA ratings and are fully modular for quick plug and play applications.

Each PDS is equipped with an assortment of voltage tap settings that allow the unit to be highly flexible in soils/groundwater with varying resistivity. This means ET-DSP™ can achieve rapid heating results in soil matrixes that range from tight clays to sands and even rock. The use of three-phase power synchronization means the ET-DSP™ electrode patterns are not geometrically limited. This factor allows McMillan-McGee Corp. to target a contaminated plume with the most efficient number of electrodes while offering a high degree of customization.

Operations can be easily manned by no more than two persons. The majority of ET-DSP™ processes are controllable via a secure, real time, web-based interface.