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Whether you need a conference call or a site visit, our team of industry experts is standing by to help you clean dirty dirt.
At McMillan-McGee, we do only one thing... but we do it better than anyone else on the planet. Companies around the globe leverage our proprietary thermal remediation process to clean dirty dirt. They turn to us for our deep engineering, execution and project management expertise. They call us because they need the industry's best.
Send us a message to get the ball rolling. You'll find us responsive, approachable, and always eager to help overcome environmental challenges of any shape, size or complexity. If you're in the Calgary area, we'd love to have you at our office. We're a dog-friendly shop, so if nothing else your day will likely be brighter for having seen us.

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4 Most Predominant Chemical Components
Contaminated area

Adsorped contamination ({{ getUnit('mg') }}/{{ getUnit('kg') }})

MINIMUM Concentration ({{ getUnit('ppm') }})
MAXIMUM Concentration ({{ getUnit('ppm') }})
AVERAGE Concentration ({{ getUnit('ppm') }})
Remediation goals ({{ getUnit('ppm') }})
Contaminated area
Geo Chemistry

Dissolved Contaminants & NAPL

Minimal Concentration (ppb)
Maximal Concentration (ppb)
AVERAGE Concentration ({{ getUnit('ppm') }})
Remediation goals ({{ getUnit('ppm') }})
NAPL observed average thickness ({{ getUnit('m') }})

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"We want our business to be your business." You know your site. You are the experts. Tell us how to deploy it. We want to train your people to become experts in thermal remediation.
- Dr. Bruce C W McGee -
President & CEO, McMillan-McGee Corp.

World-Class Business Relationships

McMillan-McGee helps some of the world's leading companies manage their most challenging remediation projects with speed, resourcefulness and an ever watchful eye on the bottom line.