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Secure anywhere access to detailed site data,
real-time ET-DSP™ reporting and much more.

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Anywhere Operational Intelligence

Wherever you go, Mc2 will follow. Our remote monitoring application empowers you with fully-integrated real-time reporting of your remediation projects.
On any Mc2 remediation project, progress can be monitored and adjustments made remotely via a proprietary, secure, web-enabled interface. Through this custom programmed interface, clients and project personnel have immediate access to accurate, real-time subsurface data. In addition to web-enabled interfaces, McMillan-McGee has developed a software compatible application to remotely control and monitor a project’s operation in the field.
The software will allow operators to control power to each individual electrode and will relay real-time project information to operators including a summary of the current state of a project (expected and current project duration, current input energy, power, power density, average temperature and water injected and extracted). A detailed well field map includes digiTAMâ„¢ temperature profiles for multiple depths and days.
Get immediate access to accurate, real time, subsurface data and customizable reports when you want to make regulatory compliance easier.
"We want our business to be your business." You know your site. You are the experts. Tell us how to deploy it. We want to train your people to become experts in thermal remediation.
- Dr. Bruce C W McGee -
President & CEO, McMillan-McGee Corp.

World-Class Business Relationships

McMillan-McGee helps some of the world's leading companies manage their most challenging remediation projects with speed, resourcefulness and an ever watchful eye on the bottom line.