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Clean dirty dirt.

As your company's proxy to proprietary, industry-proven ET-DSP™ technologies,
the McMillan-McGee team can help you remediate your site in record time.

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Empowering Your Team

A spectrum of full-service, client-focused advanced engineering solutions to help you manage your clients' environmental challenges.
McMillan-McGee provides operation, optimization, maintenance, and project management for all ET-DSP™ projects to ensure proper site selection, installation and safety. Our operations team consists of individuals possessing an intimate knowledge of the North American and International environmental markets, engineering, geology, hydrology and contaminant extraction. As world leaders in the electrical heating of soil and groundwater, Mc²’s technology board is comprised of leading experts in applied electromagnetics and electrical heating of porous media.
Additionally, our team of electrical engineers is led by Dr. Bruce McGee, the world’s foremost authority on electrical heating and thermal remediation technology. ET-DSP™ technology has been used on numerous sites across 3 continents and in each case, all remedial objectives were achieved on time and on budget. In fact, most ET-DSP™ sites have been cleaned to non-detect status and “No Further Action” (NFA) closure was achieved.
"We want our business to be your business." You know your site. You are the experts. Tell us how to deploy it. We want to train your people to become experts in thermal remediation.
- Dr. Bruce C W McGee -
President & CEO, McMillan-McGee Corp.

World-Class Business Relationships

McMillan-McGee helps some of the world's leading companies manage their most challenging remediation projects with speed, resourcefulness and an ever watchful eye on the bottom line.