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Deep Expertise in Dirt.

Led by Dr. Bruce McGee, the Mc2 team
is the world’s foremost authority on electrical
heating and thermal remediation

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Unique Skills. Agile Thought. Real Results.

At McMillan-McGee, we invest the time and energy required to understand your most complex challenges, then we show you how to tackle them.
McMillan-McGee plans, develops and manages complex thermal remediation solutions for clients who desire speed, performance and proven results. From mobile apps and SharePoint modules to core business applications, our team of Einsteins provide expert consulting, engineering, testing, support and infrastructure services to many of the world’s leading organizations.
As remediation technologies evolve, so too does our hybrid model of deep expertise and dedicated tools geared toward solving some of the world's most complex environmental challenges. Our style is pragmatic and transparent. Our processes underpin a proven platform for industry-leading electro-thermal remediation. Our solutions are robust, practical and measurable.
Achieve remediation without removal of soil or altering the existing landscape. The ET-DSP™ system equipment is non-obtrusive and whisper quiet, with a remarkably small footprint.
"We want our business to be your business." You know your site. You are the experts. Tell us how to deploy it. We want to train your people to become experts in thermal remediation.
- Dr. Bruce C W McGee -
President & CEO, McMillan-McGee Corp.

World-Class Business Relationships

McMillan-McGee helps some of the world's leading companies manage their most challenging remediation projects with speed, resourcefulness and an ever watchful eye on the bottom line.