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Technical Papers

In-situ Thermal Remediation Under an Apartment Building

 May 27, 2016
This technical paper explores the successful remediation of BTEX from underneath an occupied residential apartment building.

The Thermodynamic Bubble Problem and Its Relevance for In-situ Thermal Remediation

 May 27, 2016
This paper presents the thermodynamic bubble problem and its relevance for successful design of an in-situ thermal remedy of DNAPL in the water saturated zone.

An Experimental Investigation of Thermal Methods for In-Situ Remediation of MTBE-Impacted Groundwater

 June 09, 2016
This presentation was made at the AEHS –NAVFAC 11th Annual West Coast Conference in San Diego. The results of the experiments show MTBE contaminated soils going to ND after ET-DSP™.

Electromagnetic Wellbore Heating

 July 09, 2016
In this paper we derive a simple model that describes the recovery of petroleum fluids from an oil reservoir.

In Situ Electromagnetic Heating for Hydrocarbon Recovery and Environmental Remediation

 July 09, 2016
This is a Distinguished Authors Series paper for the Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology. The paper presents a general view of electro-thermal processes for the environment and energy industries.

Power Losses in Steel Pipe Delivering Very Large Current

 July 11, 2016
This paper presents a Finite Time Domain solution for the electromagnetic fields in ferromagnetic conducting steel pipes of the type used to deliver large currents for in-situ heating of heavy oil reservoirs and for in-situ environmental remediation.